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  • Revenge Livestock Dust On Flies/Ticks, 50 lbs.

    Manufacturer: Bonide

    .25% Permethrin dust for use on and around cattle, horses, swine, poultry and dogs, to control listed flies, lice, fleas, ticks, mites and other flying and crawling insect pests. Kills and repels for up to 4 weeks.

  • Purina Ultium Competition Horse Formula 50lb

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Ultium® Competition Horse Formula delivers a concentrated amount of energy to these working horses, by distributing this energy over several different sources (vegetable oils, beet pulp and a proprietary mix of other sources). Because this feed is energy dense, less feed is required for maintenance of body condition when compared to feeds with lower energy density, such as straight grains. 

  • Chicken Nesting Box

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: 165525

    Better than metal nests, and costs less! The Little Giant Single Open Nesting Box is made of high-density, impact-resistant polyethylene that will not rust, rot, or corrode. The plastic surface is easy to keep clean and does not get as cold as metal and wood. Hen-friendly design features an open back and top to allow better ventilation and easier access to eggs in some coops. The front edge helps prevent loss of bedding and the slightly graded floor leads to a back drainage hole. Mounts securely on wall with slide-type screw holes or sits squarely on a shelf. 17 inch long by 11.9 inch wide by 11.9 inch high, space-saving modular layout can be mounted vertically or side by side on 16 inch on-center studs. Available in black.

  • Fruit Tree & Plant Guard, Ready To Spray

    Manufacturer: Bonide

    Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Boscalid and Pyraclostrobin. This goof proof water based combination is economical, versatile and has a very broad sprectrum. Only 2 oz. / gal. treats not only a comprehensive listing of fruit, but also nuts, flowers, shrubs and ornamentals. Available in concentrate, including our ""Twist and Shoot"" RTS for convenient tall tree spraying.

  • Infinia Holistic ZenFood Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Food, 30 lbs.

    Manufacturer: PMI Nutrition

    If your dog prefers a diet free of grains and ordinary proteins, put them on the path to nutritional nirvana with Infinia™ ZenFood™ holistic dog food. ZenFood™ Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe offers you peace of mind with top-of-the-line, grain-free nutrition without ingredients like wheat, corn, soy, dairy, chicken or beef.

  • Assorted Glass Birdbaths (Stand Sold Separately)

    Manufacturer: Evergreen Enterprises

    Talmage Farm Agway carries the brands you love, know and trust for items such as bird seed, tractors, pet supplies, ice melt, garden soils, birdbaths and more. Shown is a Sunflower Glass Birdbath. It's embossed and painted glass that can be used outdoors as a birdbath with or without a stand. (Stand sold separately)

  • 'Capistrano' Rhododendron & Assorted Yellow Flowering Rhododendrons

    Manufacturer: Prides Corner Farms

    If you want to add a little excitement to your landscape, 'Capistrano' may be the plant you're looking for. A dense, rounded form with lustrous, deep green foliage, serves as a backdrop for distinct yellow flower trusses that will easily be the best yellow seen on a Rhododendron in this part of the country. Great hardiness, great plant!

  • Allied Seed Northeast Pro Horse Pasture Mix 25lb

    Manufacturer: Southern States

    Southern States Professional Horse Pasture Mixture North features a blend of cool season grasses and white clover to provide optimum forage quality, persistence and footing. The mixture is suited for intense management in colder environments throughout the Transition Zone and north.

  • Nutrena SafeChoice Senior Horse Feed, 50lb

    Manufacturer: Cargill

    SafeChoice® Senior gives your old friend what she needs to make every year golden. It’s specifically designed for horses over fifteen, especially those suffering from unexpected age-related weight loss, exhibiting sluggishness, experiencing issues with muscle or coat quality, or having difficulty chewing their hay.

  • Husqvarna 21.5HP Hydro Tractor, YT46LS

    Manufacturer: Husqvarna Model: YT46LS

    Husqvarna has developed their LS series yard tractors with the discriminating landowner in mind. Engineered for added durability, comfort, style and precision, their LS series yard tractors all feature fabricated or reinforced decks and a heavy-duty chassis. The efficient, integrated washout port and optional mulch kit make these models ideal for demanding and extensive use. Then the available locking rear differential increases traction while cutting wet grass or on slopes.

  • Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles 50 lbs.

    Manufacturer: Purina

    A 20%-protein nutrient-rich ration that provides starting, growing and finishing nutrition for broiler/meat bird or a mixed flock of chickens, ducks and geese from hatch until laying age (18-20 weeks chickens, 20-24 weeks ducks; geese start laying the spring after they were hatched) and for turkeys from 8-10 weeks until laying age of 30-32 weeks.Optimum nutrition for healthy meat birds and mixed poultry flocks. Formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and yeast to support optimum digestive health and immune function. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Ware Lil Red Hen Chicken Coop

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc.

    The Ware Little Red Hen Chicken Coop is a quality full free range pasture pen combining barnyard charm with real farm function. This easy-to-assemble coop features an appealing American barn design, E-Z clean metal pull pan, secure internal nest box, comfortable ramp, and large easy access doors. Make the Little Red Hen Chicken Coop an attractive addition to your yard or farm.

  • Poultry Waterer Galvanized 5 Gallon

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

    A heavy-duty standalone waterer for chickens, turkeys, and other poultry. Double-wall construction features an inner tube with a strong arched handle for carrying the filled fount and an outer tube with its own handle for convenience. When the outer tube is inserted over the inner tube, a copper spring and neoprene seal create a vacuum to maintain a constant water level in the drinking pan. Features a locking pin to hold the outer tube in place. Sloped top prevents roosting. Constructed of heavy-gauge galvanized steel with rolled edges for safety. Seams are constructed and tested to prevent leaks.

  • Purina Strategy GX Horse Feed, 50lb

    Manufacturer: Purina

    In 1991, Purina® Strategy® horse feed revolutionized horse nutrition by becoming the first commercial pelleted feed created for horses of all ages and lifestyles. Over 15 years and 600 million feedings later, it is still the gold standard in convenience, value and performance for horse professionals.

  • Organic Non GMO Starter Crumbles, 30lbs

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp Model: 121 10542

    Baby chicks, ducklings, and goslings are so sweet and vulnerable. To nurture them naturally, raise your flock on Manna Pro® Certified Organic Starter Crumbles. Complete nutrition for young and growing birds, without pesticides, medications, or genetically-modified ingredients. Plus, with a name like Manna Pro on the label, you can be confident that our Organic Starter Crumbles don’t compromise on quality. 19% protein, plus nutritious and wholesome ingredients provide the ideal start for any young flock.

  • Noble Worm Organics Soil Remedy Worm Casting

    Non-toxic and odor free. Worm Castings are the richest natural fertilizer known to man. As little as a tablespoon of pure worm castings provides enough organic plant nutrients to feed a 6" potted plant for more than two months. Worm Castings stimulate plant growth and unlike animal manure and artificial fertilizers it is absorbed easily and immediately by plants. Worm Castings not only stimulate plant growth, they also enhance the ability of your soil to retain water and even inhibits root diseases such as root rot. 

  • Agway 4 Stage Fertilizer Program, 5k

    Manufacturer: Agway

    Treats 5,000 square feet. Agway's 4 Stage Lawn Program makes it easier to have a lush, green lawn. Our 4 simple applications eliminate the guesswork and give you professional lawn care results. Each stage combines just the right amount of fertilizer with the right amount of control and prevention. Just match each stage to the correct season & you'll prevent crabgrass, control weeks and prepare your lawn for winter. It's what your lawn needs for strong growth!

  • Feathered Friend Favorite 40lb. Bird Seed

    Manufacturer: Feathered Friend

    Feathered Friend® Favorite Wild Bird Food is an economical, all-purpose mixture that is an ideal choice to attract birds as varied as bobwhites, towhees, doves, sparrows and ring-necked pheasants. Mixture includes white millet, Milo, striped sunflower, cracked corn, and wheat. For use in hopper, tube or window feeders.

  • Aspen Flat Top Complete Chicken Coop

    Manufacturer: Petmate Pet Products

    Aspen's Flat Top Complete Chicken Coop is perfect for backyard birding enthusiasts. Whether you're in a suburban or rural area, it'll be perfect for your hens! It includes a hinged roof with two roosting bars, a nesting box with two nests, and a pull out tray for cleaning. This chicken coop can house up to 2-4 hens. Check it out at Talmage Farm Agway!

  • Free Range Chicken Coop

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc.

    The Ware Free Range Hen House is a quality hen house with country charm. Featuring full front access for easy egg collection, a fold down side door with ramp, and a safe and secure interior nest box with predator proof lock. This hen house also has waterproof feet and a stylish waterproof shingle roof to help keep your birds dry. Holds 6 - 10 hens at a time.

  • Master Gardener Yard Tek Pro Wheelbarrow, 8 cu ft

    Landscape like a pro with the Master Gardner Yard Tek Pro Wheelbarrow. This tough wheelbarrow features a tough poly tray with an 8cu' capacity and black channeled steel handles with comfort grips. Duel pneumatic tires offer additional stability and allow the wheelbarrow easy to maneuver over any terrain.

  • MoleMax Rx with Lawn Revitalizer

    Manufacturer: Bonide

    Innovative formula with urea, humic acid and pelletized limestone not only repels moles, but also speeds recovery of lawns, flower beds and gardens damaged by furrowing animals. Also utilizes 20% castor oil for double the coverage of other mole repellents (10M).

  • Plotsaver Deer Barrier Kit - 1 acre

    Manufacturer: Messina Wildlife

    Messina Wildlife’s PLOTSAVER features a reusable PLOTSAVER barrier ribbon hung 30″ high that needs to be treated with PLOTSAVER deer repellent to create a powerful physical and sensory perimeter barrier that axis, elks, moose, blacktail, mule, whitetail and other deer will not cross. The system works by smell and sight and will not be rendered ineffective after a heavy rain. 

  • Chickity DooDoo Organic Fertilizer, 25lb.

    Chickity DooDoo's Organic Fertilizer is ideal for flowers, vegetable gardens and indoor planting. It's derived from 100% layer hen manure and is 100% weed free.

  • Nature's Way Cedar Bluebird House

    Model: CWH3

    This Cedar Bluebird House is made with insect and rot-resistant premium cedar. The air vents allow maximum air ventilation through the wall and floor openings. This Bluebird House attracts Bluebirds and Tree Swallows.