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Catch the Buzzzzzz with our Beekeeping Presentations! They begin in January. Click here for details: http://bit.ly/XWTPs2
We carry home brewing equipment, grains, malts, yeasts, kits, additives and hops!

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The Best Gift that You can give for the Holidays!

    This time of year, everyone is screaming loudly for your attention, trying to get you to come to their store and spend all your money. Let me suggest an option that you may not have considered. One of my concerns as a parent, and now a grand-parent (twice this year!

Are You Passionate about Backyard Country Living?

Long before this area of Long Island was filled with shopping malls, car dealers and fast food restaurants; it was filled with folks that embraced the rural lifestyle.

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Talmage Farm Agway's Pet Santa

Every year, Talmage Farm Agways hosts a Pet Santa event! Each year, we get Dogs and Cats, but we also get Horses, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, and we've had a Skunk, a Goose and even Pet Chickens! All pets and children stop by to see who shows up and of course all get a FREE picture with Santa too!