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Catch the Buzzzzzz with our Beekeeping Presentations! They begin in January. Click here for details: http://bit.ly/XWTPs2
We carry home brewing equipment, grains, malts, yeasts, kits, additives and hops!
Pet Santa will be here on Saturday, Dec. 6th from 10am-2pm. ALL pets are welcome and will receive a FREE holiday gift!
Our Preferred Customer Specials are up now! Take a look here: http://bit.ly/14No13W
We'll be closing at 3pm on Wed. Nov 26th and Closed on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27th. We will be open with normal hours on Nov 28th.

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Getting Wild Birds Ready for Winter

Wild birds are well equipped for changing seasons, not only by migrating south but also by getting heavier, warmer plumage, eating a winter-friendly diet, and gathering in groups to share the hard work of finding food and shelter when those resources are scarce.

23 Interesting Facts about Backyard Chickens

Here’s a collection of fun and interesting facts about Backyard Chickens, collected from a number of online Chicken website sources!  There are more Chickens on Earth than any other bird species!

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Winter Lighting for Poultry - Nutrena Feed

The egg laying cycle of a chicken is directly tied to the hours of daylight available. Lighting the chicken coop in the early morning hours (not at night) can help keep your chickens laying eggs all year round. Listen in as Nutrena's Poultry Specialist Twain Lockhart explains the best way to light your coop in winter time.